what script would make it so the mouse moves the camera ,and can you make it so clicking a mouse button would activate something like a key would

this is not THAT easy - better use the search button on top of this page. try searching for “mose movement script” or something similar, this has been discussed quite often here.



what would make it so posts put here would make sense like a post would?

no offense, but I am confused by your request

you want to be able to rotate the camera with a mouse
and when a mouse button is pressed, trigger an action like a key would

now, “like a key would” isn’t very specific, but I assume you mean “like having a keyboard sensor connected to the object”

which pretty much boils down to having a mouselook script that either locks the cursor at the center of the screen (hide the cursor, put a crosshiar there), or only rotates the camera while a button is being held down (kind of like what the middle mouse button alone does to the 3d view), and use a mouse over sensor and mouse left button (or other button) sensor on your object, both connected to an and controller with pulse modes (on the sensors) on so that the object knows when it has been clicked on

so when you move the mouse up the camera looks up and when you move it down it moves the camera down etc… also when you click a mouse button an action like when you press a key happens {press space to shoot or press left mouse button}

For the mouse movement script, there are several on this forum if you search for them.

As for your second question, you make a mouse sensor, change it’s type to left button, (or right button, or middle button.) It works just like a keyboard sensor.