How do you move where the camera is looking? Like when I decide to render my picture it is not looking at the right thing.

Move the camera and get the larger part to face what you want it to look at. To see what the camera sees press NUM0.

How DO YOU MOVE the camera.

You can grab the camera like any other object and rotate it and resize if you want. Just right click and hit g to grab it and move it. Resize and rotate use the respective commands. You may have to change your view to adjust it properly but thats basic interface stuff, if you need better calrification just pm me. Also you can make the camera track what you want it to look at. First, select the camera, then hold shift and right click on the object you want the camera to look at. With the 2 selected hit ctrl+t and select old track. Sometimes the camera will rotate to an undesirable position at this point. To fix that just select the camera alone and hit alt+r. The camera may or may not move depending on whether or not it needed to clear the rotation to properly track the object. Now, no matter where you move the camera, you’ll always see that object. hope that helps!!

I gather you are having trouble selecting the camera. Make sure you are in object mode (tab key toggles between edit and object mode). select the camera with the right mouse button. Press the g-key to grab and move it, r-key to rotate it.


For some video tutorial go here

In the contributed section the first 3 tutorials will give you some basics.