i’ve started it 4 months,
but i’ve started finishing it today…

what do you think?

The shader/texture of tripod, the plack one
looks like it is made of foam rubber. I think
shiny plastic would look better.
If the cam had an environment which it would
reflect in all parts just a little atleast then it would
make it appear not to be of so soft material, would
be more plastic like. If there is ambient occlusion on
maybe a higher setting would eliminate the grain of
which there is some. Don´t know much of ambient
occclusion so i am not sure.

I think it looks good, eventhough i wrote some critique.

the wire material is very nice, but totally unrealistic ! but i think you already know that…

i’ve updated image

tripod material shoudl look like it looks, it is some kind of plastic-rubber :smiley:

Wow, that’s a nifty pic, homes!
A może opowiesz jak to oświetliłeś? Bo trzeba przyznać, że jest bardzo ładnie oświetlone…

I like the plastic material of the tripod, if it’s 100% procedural, could You post the settings?

there is one white spot and one blue lamp and AO…
materials of tripod are normal materials with nor…

hello i think i’ve done , but i will change something if i need