How do I make the camera follow the player??

Parent the camera to the player-object

Parenting the camera to the player? I parented it and when i press p i cant see the player.

Use the Camera Actuator

I dont know how to use the Camera Actuator yet pls teach me how

you can use more than one way: parent the camera to the player, if you don’t see your player, try adjusting camera options, start and finish. You can turn on slow parrent for the camera and adjust it’s value.
If that doesn’t work for you try using camera actuator in logic brick setup. It is easy to use it.
If you still have problems, try downloading example blend files, it is all basic stuff

Select your camera.
Place it more or less behind your character, pointing to him.
Now, add an Always Sensor -> AND -> Camera Actuator - enter the name
of your character object in the OB: field.
Then adjust the Height, Min and Max to suit your needs.

Thanks for that! but how many min, max , height attributes should I put?

in this thread
you can see this tutorial

make the camera follow the object
022-cam-follows-obj.avi 432640 [Video Clip]…ollows-obj.avi

If you read the wiki on for the GE you will find a tut there that gives detailed explanation.

There are a few tuts you could read there besides that one too.

Just put in some numbers for the min and max… try it… and when you change the numbers, only change one at a time to see how they affect the camera.

I sent you a link for a little demo. Let me know if you need anything else, ok? Always happy to help and good luck.

Dont give it up, I know how frustrating it can be to figure something out in blender.