in animation, can you move a camera to look at something else during the animation?
I can’t seem to move text or a camera in an animation. Could somebody tell me if it’s possible to move a camera or text and tell me how to do so.

Could i get a answer soon please,
i need it quite soon.

hey Fireball1000,

I’m not actually sure what is confusing you, camera’s and text objects can be transformed and animated like all other objects in blender. Before keying the object, make sure you move the timeline to the new frame, so that the key is set on it instead of over-writing the keys you set previously.

If you need more help with animating, I would recommend checking out the noob to pro manual. Lot’s of great information in there :yes:

It’s just when i connect a armature to a camera. It doesn’t move the camera. Am i doing it wrong or something?

Are you connecting the armature to the camera? Or the camera to the armature? If you want to be able to move a bone and have the camera follow along, the camera should be parented to the bone which is done while the armature is in pose mode. Select the camera, then the bone, and “ctrl+p->bone”.

I got it now! :wink: