Cameras and windows

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I need your help. In the blender, I have opened 2 windows side by side. In the scene two cameras. I want to “set active camera” both cameras at a time in different windows. Is this possible?

Please let me know if there is any solution.
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Nope- the active camera is the active camera for the scene, not the window. However, you can preview different cameras in different windows. Just select a camera and click the Camera button on the right gizmo, then do it again with a different camera on the other window. Bear in mind that your active camera - the camera that will render - will be whichever one you select last


You can set a local camera, in sidebar/view/local camera. This is per-viewport, not per-window, but should be the same for your purposes.


As @bandages said above, you can set local camera per viewport:


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