Cameras don’t work, why?

Regardless of camera position, or file size when I go to camera view it zooms in to blank theme grayness.
I’m in 2.93.5 and 2.93.6
How do I see viewport before rendering?

I’m no expert, but it might be your camera clipping distance. (see Clip Start and End)

I should have added that you will need to change the start clipping distance to something smaller and your end clipping distance to something larger.

Experts will be able to tell you of it makes any difference to render times etc, but as I mainly
do rubbish environments I set mine to quite large distances (several thousand metres).

Thanks. This never happened before so I do not know what I did.


It might have not been anything you did, it could be as simple as importing a mesh that is extremely small or extremely large, even zoomed in or out the clipping distance won’t be correct anymore to see the imported mesh…

Oh! That’s a thought too. Such good advice, thank you!