cameras invisible, can't see them


i keep trying to insert a camera into a scene, but i just can see them.
They are all invisible.

So i can’t grab them.

All other objects are visible.


Any clues anyone?

Have you tried Shift+C to re-centre the curser before adding a camera

there is this feature in the properties shelf in 3d view ( hit N ) go to display and there is probably a tick on the ‘only render’ option ( this is also makes the 3d cursor invisible and empties etc ) - untick it.

What and where is the “properties shelf” ?

The only additional display i get when hitting N in the 3D view is shown in the attachment:

There is appearently no only render option.

@ Richard Marklew:

yes i have, but it ain’t helpful, but thanks anyway :slight_smile:


Can’t do anything else to help unless you attach a blend file that shows the problem.

Okay okay, i’m awfly sorry.

My mistake was i had the entire scene blown so far up except for the cameras, so they were so tiny i couldn’t see’m.

Very embarrassing :frowning: .

But now i have a new issue:

How do constrain the cameras to a certain object? I already added a constrainment modifier and entered the target object name, but the camera won’t align to the target.

What am i doing wrong this time?


yeah i assumed you work with 2.5x, so the N pressing was fruitless.
is that the Colonius?

Is there any reason you aren’t using 2.5x yet?

Yeah: blender 2.5x is way too complex! Unbelievably many settings, lists, etc…

I can’t understand it at all anymore.

So my highest Blender version will stay 2.49.

All the settings are the same, just in places that make more sense and in a different layout. Once you get into it, you might find things are easier to do in 2.5x. I’m not saying you have to change or anything, but really, there aren’t many more options than there is in 2.49 and it takes just as many clicks in both to get something to work. Sometimes less in 2.5x.

About the track to constraint not working right - First, notice how the letters ‘const’ in the constraint panel is on a red background? That means the constraint is broken. Looks like from the screenshot that you have the z-axis set to point at the target and point upwards as well. Switch the 3d manipulator to normal or local settings and look at your axis of the camera (or turn on axis display for the camera). I would think you would want the y-axis to point up and the camera to track -z…


PS - as for the differences in 2.49 and 2.5, yes they are different but basically everything you can do in 2.49 you can do in 2.5, it’s just a matter of locating where the button/settings are now located. Just need to dive in and learn it, or forever be stuck with 2.49 as that series of blender will never be updated again.

Hey thanks for your helpful reply :slight_smile:

Got it now. Thumbs up!

However, about the newer blender:

I was and am a fan of blender, but i will be stuck to 2.49 or older forever now,

cause whatever you say, i had my try with 2.5x and i can’t find anything in it.

There are as i already said, simply too many lists und sublistings for all kinds of settings, things i would never have thought of nor needed before.

It is just way too many more possible settings.
I just totally get lost in them.

But who cares? The older blenders are more than good enough for my purposes.

I now just have figure out how to render correctly and everything is fine :).