Cameras that capture Z Information

I’ve been looking all over the internet for more information on this topic. Somewhere I read that there are cameras that can capture the z information for each pixel. If there were such a camera I would definitely start saving money for that because it would make my work doing live action visual effects much simpler. I can already dream about having that camera, if you had it you wouldn’t even need to use greenscreen because essentially you could just change all pixels behind your actors to an alpha channel. SO EASY!

Anyways, I hope there is such a camera and if someone can give me some more information on what they call those cameras or a link, I would greatly appreciate it, because I cannot find anything about them on google.


I’ve never heard of such devices. So I don’t think they exist.

However, I would love to be proved wrong.

EDIT: Looks like I was wrong.

OMG! That is so awesome!! But there dosn’t seem to be much talk about it, Wii is older, I think they would be comparing to Kenect if that were more resent. But still its really cool.

That is awesome, I want one now.

I just did some more research:

unfortunately from what I have found out, they stopped making it. Maybe someone else can find it somewhere.

I just can’t understand why no other companies are making cameras like this. Shot it really makes me want to become an entrepreneur and sell these things, because I know I’m not the only one that wants one BAD.