rite as i av sed i am working on a track animtion but when the camera goes around a track bend it goes of the rails and doesn’t turn with the track is there any way to improve this i am using a bezier curve and the camera follows the track alrite but it goes round corners sideways!!!

also how do you add keys to a camera so you can move it using keys independently so you can controll the camera and where it look tutorials will be alrite if there are any cheers!!! :expressionless:

dnt worry i av sorted out the first bit after some reading but the second bit on controlling cameras i could do wit some advice on it

The demos I have seen have an Empty that is also locked to the track and following it, somewhat ahead of the camera. The camera then follows the Empty.

I am assuming that you have the camera following the path and that it is always pointing along the tangent of the path (using curve path and curve follow). Much of the time the camera will not have the track in view.

To remedy this have an empty follow the path a ways ahead of the camera and track the camera to the empty rather than using a curve follow. Then rather than pointing along the tangent the camera looks ahead on the path.

Sample blend (save as)
Press alt-a to watch the animation once you have loaded it.

This is quoted from another thread. My demo camera file is still online.