Cameron Diaz

Well, my first art post of the year in elYsiun. A portrait of Cameron Diaz, made of a pic I found from the net, so I can’t go and claim this is extremely original.

So there. I probably (but then again I’m such a push over) won’t be doing any changes on this, but if you have any comments I’d be happy to hear them out.

Made whit Photoshop and my not so new Aiptek board.

It does look like her. But I don’t know what it is that makes her look old (at least to me, it kinda does…maybe it’s my poor sight), probably the expression lines in her face. Still, very well done :slight_smile:

yes nice work.

i agree with Friday13,about her age,maybe the lines are too exposed :-?

Thank you from the comments.

As for the facial lines, she actually has them when she smiles, as she has very wide mouth I sippose it’s because of that.

this is impresive i love it.
it looks so much like her.