Caminandes: Llamigos is finished!

Great work team! Check the blog at:

Really great work!


*just one thing, matter of personal taste, I don’t really like the fur shading in general, but it’s clearly a choice. :wink:

Outstanding!!! Congratulations to all!

I love it! Really funny, well directed and also really good from the technical point of view. Congratulations guys, this is good for blender! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Love it. Animation is top notch.

Nice job ! Seems inspired by Scrat from Ice Age, I believe there is no better model for speechless comedy (apart from Charlie Chaplin).
The underground sequence is veeeery pleasing to the eyes.

You guys knocked it out of the park. I love that the quality of the animation in these open projects has really gone up since the Sintel days.

Awesome Guys ! Super well done !

Excellent work in all areas :).

love it!!! have a warner bros spirit, road runner, ice age, so cool!

this cartoon style animation is what blender needs, stop doing sad stories please. Life is too problematic already…

This. Pretentious art story telling didn’t make pixar big.

Is it illegal for Blender Institute to make commercial work? I mean they could get quite a bit of money if they did some TV ads.

Very enjoyable movie, awesome job, a big thanx to everybody who was involved in this!

There are plans on a commercial film by Blender Institute based on the Dutch comic “Agent 327”. Dunno what the current status is, but they already did a character study:

Very nice, this could be showed in theaters before an high budget full feature movie.

what’s the name of that berry :smiley: and will that berry be the production name for the rest movie?

it was short and funny, beautiful renders, the ice and snow had a nice look to it. good work everyone, I hope you still keep up the fun podcasts now when the project is done.

I was blown away. Absolutely terrific work all around!

Wasn’t the institute intended to be a sort of for-profit entity that would fund the activities of the Blender Foundation and by extension the development of Blender (since it revolves around commercial products such as the Blender Cloud)? I know the movies themselves can be viewed for free but all of the extras that come with them cost money.

So good, congratulations!