Caminandes: Llamigos is finished!

Very very cool!! :smiley: Reminded me of the old Warner Brother’s stuff.

Like a master named B.K said let leave it at i could be better:evilgrin:

No Its Awesome.Masters of the universe.

Awesome ! I liked this short a lot, from the impressive technical stuff (to me) up to the very good fun story and the characters being given personality by the animation. And the music playing with the story like in those old cartoons achieved to create an enjoyable atmosphere.

Fantastic work in every ways.

I like a lot this animated short, and the sound is perfect. Congratulations!

Just perfect! Funny, great directing, great animations, beautiful renders and composition! Congrads team you have done amazing job!

Ouch ! Those rocks are very damned sharp near the end. I feel myself wince a bit every time I see them both land.

very nice, thank you

Entertaining! well done guys! My little one watched it standing up he didn’t even reach his chair :slight_smile:

And I wasn`t even gonna say a word…

No it´s not. Its what <i>you prefer</i> and thats all.

With regard to the topic, congrats on the technical achievements, but the story was just as dull as expected. Weve all seen this countless times before, havent we…
Anyway, Im out, Ill go into Bassams corner and hope hell deliver something interesting eventually…

greetings, Kologe

I’m a little late, but I finally got around to watching it.

Visually and technically, this was perhaps the nicest looking short yet in the series. The humor is also very traditional as far as cartoons go, which shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing.

I do agree with the others who say the Blender Institute needs to make more shorts like these, it would also be neat to see longer episodes if it works with the idea in mind :slight_smile:

I hope they keep them down to two and a half minutes, if they can pull a 2.5 mins caminandes short every 4 months we would have 3 films a year!, plus lots of materials and development!

I am also in favour of shorter caminandes episodes. 2-3 min is the perfect format for cartoons :slight_smile:

Amazing stuff. Approaching Warner Bros. levels of brilliance.

Excellent… it has nothing to be jealous, as to its artistic quality, of the big cinema movies of the genre…

Very nicely done. Great style, entertaining, and nicely polished. Like the two previous. Keep them coming. Best reason so far for a Blender Cloud subscription I’ve seen! :slight_smile:

i think shorts like these are far better for demonstrating Blender than the art-house type pieces like Elephant’s Dream and Cosmos Laundromat. Fair or not, mainstream humour & stories have mainstream appeal. When you are advertising something (and it’s been stated outright that the Open Movies are advertising for Blender), keeping the appeal to small niche audiences is not smart.

Considering how popular this series is, how about a Big Buck Bunny series of shorts. I mean, instead of 10-12 minutes, make them 2-3 minutes like Caminandes.

With the right script-writers and animators, I don’t see how it wouldn’t be just as good. Of course, you need that script-writer and those animators :slight_smile:

With new grease pencil awesomeness (for annotation/animation demos), can we more realistically construct a world wide distributed team for a BBB production? Or is the point to have an in house team that gets bugs squashed/new tools realized?

Don’t ask me - wasn’t my idea! :slight_smile:

Wow! so amazing! Funny, entertaining and technically impressive.

I’m with everyone else who said this length / format is perfect. Congrats on an excellent short:) Can’t wait to see more!