Caminandes - Short Movie

We made a movie!

Beorn Leonard (durian), Francesco Siddi (mango), Jan Morgenstern (orange, peach, durian) and myself (apricot, durian), made this little short movie in our spare time.

Some screenshots:

Possible questions:
- Internal or Cycles?: Internal to the bones!
- Time taken? Ideally if we worked full time on it would be around 2 or 3 weeks. But since we all did it on our spare time and then we had winter/summer holidays, and then the render guy (me) suddenly had a new niece, then joined Tube open movie project, that slowed down things a lot.
- Can I share it? Please do! Is Creative Commons.
- Can I get the chars? Both Koro (guanaco, llama thing) and Pichin (pichi, armadillo thing) are in Venom’s Lab! 2 workshop, available here as DVD or download, and they are CC BY as well.

Any questions just drop a comment!

Hope you guys/gals like it!

fantastic work!

Like? I love it! :wink:

Ahah! Thanks for the cartoon! Was very funny! Do more, I like your work! :yes:

Great stuff guys, I really enjoyed it.

Wow, great short. I think I need to buy venom’s lab 2 now.

Nice, its a bit like that episode from spongebob

Excellent work !

Thanks everybody! I’m glad you like it, we are having a nice response and that is very motivating to make more fun episodes with this fellas (and perhaps new ones!), will start designing more characters :smiley:

Thanks! Will take that as a compliment :slight_smile: I do know SpongeBob and seen it some times, but don’t know this episode. Would you link me?

been watching it several times now! It´s hilarious!

Haha, thats great…funny little story :slight_smile: Great job!

I genuinely enjoyed that. Cute, funny, and well done!

Excellent short movie. Congratulations.
It’s very funny, the closeup of the guanaco almost touching the paw on the tarmac is very very funny. The cars passing on the same lane is a special touch. And you have really captured the atmosphere of the Patagonia. Modelling, sound effects, lighting, composition, everything is impeccable. A masterwork.

Really solid animation, you can compare it to any other proffessional cartoonish project and it still looks great! Congratulations and thank you for this great advertisment of Blender! Post it all around the world!

wow! Awesome!!!

WoWWWooW! Absolutely great.

great work! my daughter(3 years) and me enjoyed it alot! :slight_smile:

Nice animation. Isn’t that Sagos carrot on your avatar?

Wow! I Love it! =)

It is one funny SOB. Great animation. Absolutely on par with anything produced commercially.