Caminandes - Short Movie

I realy, realy love it!
It’s just great!

looove it! 5*

ahahaha so funny :smiley:

Thank you very much everybody! For sharing it and spreading the word, gives energies to make more!

@Modron: What is Sagos? That carrot is a character I made 9 years ago*, one of my first Blender stuff. Was also splash screen of 2.36 back in December 2004 (super old website: )

Can’t get enough of it :smiley:

I love how it came out.:smiley:

Very amazing, congratulation for such brillant work.

That was fun! Loved it, very classic cartoon.

That was great guys, loved watching it! Stunning render and colors, good animation, nice music, awesome job!
I wonder if you did a lot of compositing to achieve this nice GI look with BI.

Very nice. Liked it alot. Very inspirational also! :slight_smile:

Adding to my re-share on google plus :slight_smile:

sago is the guy who did big buck bunny, and invented super-wu-man. I thought that was one of his renders for some reason, but I must have been thinking of something else. I think perhaps he did something similar.

Lot of skills, that’s it. ideas are not really interesting.

I’m working on something similar. Not with your character. Have 7 seconds completed as a test run, working background and other such things.

Having said that, Great Job! I loved it.

Thanks for the great feedback guys! Good to hear that it’s been well received by the community.

Great animation.
What about a rerendering with Cycles?

Great, I love the movie!

ola k ase? Great animation btw. :slight_smile:

Great job! Top notch animation, character design, story, et al.

ROTF…beepbeepbzzzzzzzowwwwww…(sh*t! that was close!)…LMAO! :smiley: