CammyB96's CGI and VFX thread.

Sup guys, this is my VFX and CGI thread. I’ll post what I make here.

I think this might belong better in the Sketchbook subforum.

The animation is pretty good but there are a couple ways to improve it.
First, i can see the smoke hit the walls of the domain.
Second, you can eliminate the pieces of papper that you use for tracking in the final render.

Since there are allot straight edges on the table this will be easy.
Take a still image of the clean desk whout the pieces of papper for tracking.
From the camera’s perspective, create a plane that follows the edges of the table of the still image.
UV unwrap the plane using unwrap from view.
Apply texture and make it shadless.
Now align the plane so the edges follow the edges of the table in the video.
You can then use masks to composite out the pieces of papper.
I would add a little blur around the masks so it blends smoothly.

Thanks man, yeah this was just a test. Forgot to mention it. I’ve been experimenting with AO and shadows in the node editor although I am having a problem where the smoke domain is rendered instead of the smokes shadow.