Campaign 2018: Join the New Development Fund

woooowwww iam so huppy ,blender in full glory!!!

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What a beautiful day. :smiley:


Haha, that is excellent! Saving that one. :partying_face:


Interesting. :thinking:


The Future is beginning now.
Just in Time …
Los Angeles November 2019 … …

What exactly? You see US dollars. But the goal is 100000 Euro. In Euro we are at 94800.


It wasn’t super clear from embarks post what code they were going to make available fur blender. Reading around their work it might be retopo related. Their github link to blender tools is currently dead, probably because they have made it private.

Such great news,few more and it’ll be 20 full time developers…the year of Blender might come sooner than we think.


It’s time to bump up that number to 30. :wink:


Well I hoped also for the year of the Linux Desktop. But with Blender on the left lane with a full tank of gas, I can gladly wait another year :smile:

I would believe year ago that blender fundation can’t keep up with hiring new people because fund is raising so fast :open_mouth:.

Almost exacly year ago (22.10.18) Blender fund raised 7’900€/m

Today (23.10.19) Blend fund gets 95’000€/m

I wonder what will be in next year. Snowball is growing :v.


What other large companies besides automotive and gaming who have vested insterests in Blenders success are there?

Having many devs is a cool thing …
but there is also to say that these must first learn more about the blender code … it is not a simple thing …
One day they will have to open a university that teaches how to write code on blender …

Heathly competition is making this snowball even more er snowbally. Great times for Blender indeed!

… I would add to your remark that whatever is the influence one can get from money, what will be the end results from that influence and will the community at large find a solution or response to its request for functionalities and stability ?
Paying is one thing but what will be the final product?
I agree with you …

Linux is not missing in the development lane… However the OS is more used in industrial and network usage than on the desktop which makes it ‘transparent’… It"s also a matter of culture. In England, Germany and Belgium, Linux is well installed in large and small companies, businesses and home users instead of France where it is seen as a non user friendly and as such not distributed…

The final say will be the community of end users that are voting by their use of the application. If for some reasons Blender deviate out of the main core usage that is 3D and associated usage, like gaming, or specialized segment like medical for example or robotics, then community will be the force to keep it from such possible deviations. The power of community is there and growing which is a good thing and also will keep potentials sponsors interested in supporting the application… Also such a diverse support makes that Blender will be protected from commercial abuses or deviations… Big guns are on its back.


While the design is a work of beauty, as always from these guys, I somehow miss that incentive to reach the goal. I feel that bar had a subtle psychological effect of let’s make that happen. Now it feels like: Oh look they’re making quite a bit of money over there.


I feel the same. As silly as the bar was, it was really clear how much funding was needing for a certain amount of developers.