Campaign 2018: Join the New Development Fund

Mooooore maneeey! :sunglasses::rofl:

Jocking aside, seems like a good news. Corporate funding is what ensures stable Blender development and all this great improvements we’re getting.

There are only so much Blender users who donates to the fund. Corporate donations are what really counts as I see it.

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I wonder how long those corporate will stay

As far as i can see most of them stays.

So, almost 150 k € now and the corporate members went up from 25 to 27. i think one of them is Microsoft rejoining. Blender kit went from silver to gold. But who is the second new sponsor?

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Microsoft rejoined (they joined exacly year ago, so i guess they just had to reactivate subscription, or its fund website side issue)
and BlenderKit become CorporateGold (from Silver? but it is in both places)


Yeah, we are proud to be with BlenderKit between these guys. Our total revenue is magnitudes smaller, but since we give a much higher percentage than others, we are already corporate gold and growing :wink: I came up with the Idea of BlenderKit when the fund had an income of about 5000 Euro per month, and my target back then was to add another 5000 to it. The fund did grow like crazy since then, but we’ll get to our target eventually and it’ll be nice I think :wink:

p.s. there was actually a few days overlap of our subscriptions, it’s mainly because we send the money manually from our account every month and we sometimes don’t do it on the same date :wink: