Campaign 2018: Join the New Development Fund


(Lumpengnom) #41

It is over 10K now, so yay!

(Zinogg) #42

Big Companies like Tangent, Epic Games,AMD,Intel,Mircosoft…etc hasn’t migrated yet that will push it even more… i think that 57k is not that far :slight_smile:

(Lumpengnom) #43

Steam just came in with another Corporate Silver which is 1000€ per month.

(RaphaelBarros) #44

I don’t see where’s the problem when it may attract money that wouldn’t come otherwise. I would donate more to Blender if I had such option, voting for improvements in Sculpt and Texture Painting (stuff that have been kept almost on maintenance mode since god knows when), and I’m sure other people would do the same.

And sincerely, most of the people who donate are people already in the industry and I’d rather the improvements were guided by them than (mostly) inexperienced people who don’t donate (I’m well aware there are professionals who work in developing countries and can’t afford to donate. I’m from a developing country as well, but I’m sure most who make a living out of Blender can donate at least 5 Euro). Call me an elitist, I don’t care.

Also, the projects who are done for free by the community would still have their voices and Ton could chose to allow us to allocate only a percentage of our donation to certain projects, instead of having control over where all of the money would go (that would give the institute more freedom). They could settle the major development for an specific release and open voting on some minor ones as well. There are lots of ways to go about it.

(Lumpengnom) #45

The fund just breached 12 500 which means that 50% of the first goal are reached. :smiley: