Campaign 2018: Join the New Development Fund


(Lumpengnom) #41

It is over 10K now, so yay!

(Zinogg) #42

Big Companies like Tangent, Epic Games,AMD,Intel,Mircosoft…etc hasn’t migrated yet that will push it even more… i think that 57k is not that far :slight_smile:

(Lumpengnom) #43

Steam just came in with another Corporate Silver which is 1000€ per month.

(RaphaelBarros) #44

I don’t see where’s the problem when it may attract money that wouldn’t come otherwise. I would donate more to Blender if I had such option, voting for improvements in Sculpt and Texture Painting (stuff that have been kept almost on maintenance mode since god knows when), and I’m sure other people would do the same.

And sincerely, most of the people who donate are people already in the industry and I’d rather the improvements were guided by them than (mostly) inexperienced people who don’t donate (I’m well aware there are professionals who work in developing countries and can’t afford to donate. I’m from a developing country as well, but I’m sure most who make a living out of Blender can donate at least 5 Euro). Call me an elitist, I don’t care.

Also, the projects who are done for free by the community would still have their voices and Ton could chose to allow us to allocate only a percentage of our donation to certain projects, instead of having control over where all of the money would go (that would give the institute more freedom). They could settle the major development for an specific release and open voting on some minor ones as well. There are lots of ways to go about it.

(Lumpengnom) #45

The fund just breached 12 500 which means that 50% of the first goal are reached. :smiley:

(Hoyt Ridge) #46

I have subscribed to $6 per month.
Although I don’t make any money with blender, I will keep my subscription for one year (if everything will be fine with my income) and see where it goes.

Why did I decide to do it?
It is not that expensive ($72 per year), one AAA game with season pass costs more.
I already spent a lot of time in blender and learned a lot, also I had a lot of fun (and lot of pain). I think it is totally worth it.
BTW, I have no idea why funding did not achieve even its primary goal yet. Lot of people use it, lot of people actually make money with it, meanwhile less than thousand people in the entire world support it. If they don’t want to support blender, eventually they may face a situation when they have to pay $200 every month to autodesk.

(drgci) #47

I think the 25.000 euros is very ambitious goal Let alone 50.000 it’s simply not achievable
But right now we are around 14.000 euro fund its around triple the previews blender fund which is good

(Lumpengnom) #48

Things are only impossible until they are not.

(kakapo) #49

there also are the cloud subscribers though which are about 4000 at the moment.

for now i am only a cloud subscriber because i don’t have a credit card and also don’t like paypal. for the cloud subscription you can also pay with a normal bank transfer.

if they don’t add additional payment options for the development fund soon, probably i will just do a bit bigger one time donation. or maybe use paypal even if i don’t like it. :slight_smile:

i think the first goal will be reached pretty soon but the second one will take a while.

(razin) #50

blender have million of users, if only 5k person donate 6$ every month the bf will get 30k a month, and that’s just 5k person

(drgci) #51

millions of users but the majority of blender users are casual hobist there is a small number of blender user that use blender every day, i mean the core blender users are small

(Ace Dragon) #52

I don’t think reaching the second goal will be an impossible task for the BF. What will really help is if the BF continues the current trend of tweaking the 2.8 workflow in accordance to what professional users and users of other apps. have been asking for (ie. the new workflow surrounding left-click selection in the viewport).

There are many people out there who want to start using Blender and support Blender in part because of the licensing trends among major commercial vendors, that is once the BF knocks down the annoyances that are/were preventing them from using it for more serious work.

A good way to ensure that would be making sure to keep William on the team, as he produces detailed proposals that can be changed based on user-feedback.

(Lumpengnom) #53

Yay, 15.000!

(drgci) #54

Nice 15.000 is around triple the amount of money compared to previews fund
Long live blender!

(sundialsvc4) #55

Ultimately, what BF will need is – not a one-time funding target – but a sustainable revenue stream that it can count on from year to year. “Memberships” and “subscriptions” are an excellent way to achieve that.

I think that the Blender community does realize the need to financially support an open-source project in which it has a vested interest. Fact is, every major O.S. project does have some kind of foundation (and perhaps a set of corporate contributors) backing it up. Because, even though the product itself can be obtained for nothing, and even though this characteristic is “by design,” computer software still "costs money, and lots of it."

(Markus Mayer) #56

Isn’t that what the fund does?

(Lumpengnom) #57

Yes, this is 15000 per month.

(Markus Mayer) #58

We know that.

(kakapo) #59

yay! apparently there is the option to pay per bank transfer now.

but does it work for anyone? i get a HTTP ERROR 405. :confused:

edit: now it worked! one more development fund member. :slight_smile:

(BTolputt) #60

I’m happy the focus has returned to funding Blender development. I understand and sympathise with Ton’s desire to fund film productions made with Blender (the primary focus of the Blender Institute, recipient of Blender Cloud funds)… but I’m not interested in funding those. Cosmos Laundromat doesn’t interest me, it didn’t as a short, it won’t as a feature length film.

I am, however, most interested in core Blender development. I will arrange for a regular donation after xmas (finances tight until then).