Campaign 2018: Join the New Development Fund

Wow, nice!

He is a millionaire angel Investor part of the board of directors of a company called Asana.

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34.000$=30.000 euros
Another milestone achieved!!

It says: 29593.13 €
So not quite but allmost.

I see only in dollars and so when I search 34$ in euro google show me exactly 30 euros :slight_smile:

There is a drop down menu on the bottom of the page where you can select either dollars or euros. It doesn´t work on my computer, though.

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Considering the trend we’ve been seeing, the income to start on the stretch goals should be present by the time 2.8 is released (with tangible results by 2.81).

2.8x is going to make 2.6x look like amateur hour at this rate.


Neither on my computer

yay! now it’s over 30000€. :slight_smile:

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after the new spring movie released in two hours and the blender stable release i thing we will reach the 50.000 euros per month !!!

If the development fund grows beyond 30k:

  • Particles and hair nodes
  • Texturing tools and tools for procedural textures
  • Painting and Sculpting improvements
  • Better snapping and precision modeling
  • Cycles: denoising
  • Compositor

from those features particle and sculpitng improvements are the most important for the blender

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Over 2000 contributors !!


The cloud subscriptions have been exploding since the release of the Spring movie:


10% gain in 18days
Very good result, but i wouldn’t say explode.

There is a 1 month free trial for new subscribers due to Spring release. I wonder if that has anything to do with it. Hopefully the subscribers stay, because I love the work the Institute team do and I believe it’s really important for the usability of Blender to keep them working on content that pushes Blender to its limits, rather than just having developers.

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oh no, the fund is sinking again! :confused: :slight_smile:

What you mean? It’s stable but it doesn’t getting any bigger

it has been over 30700€ ready. but i guess that’s just normal fluctuations.

It has been going up at a steady pace, but seemd to have reached a peak about 3-4 weeks ago, now slightly less then it was then.