Campaign poster

I have a friend whose running for grade rep. so he asked me to make him a poster, so here’s what i did for him, tell me what you think, was it worth it? did i do blender justice?:

a pink hat…ugh

yer it looks good a bit grainy but i dont think it looks first of all like a campagning poster but it doesent look like a poster at all
just my opinion
good work

The font could be improve.

Like aidian said its a bit grainy

I like the fact that you have a concept. Yes, I agree it is too grainy. The typography work is awful! Choose a better, easier to read typeface. You misspelled candidate as well. It is pretty dark and the colors are a little too repressed. The composition is lacking as well.

But look on the bright side, it’s probably better than the other candidates posters. The poster is ok, but could definitely be massively improved with just a few changes.

munkey thanks for the point out on the spelling i thought it was awkaward but no one else said anything so i thought it was fine. anybody have any technical advice? the granyness is a result of AO, samples are only at 5, would increasing it help?
edit: newer version:

No offense. But if I saw that poster in my school the first thing I would think is ‘lame’.
Hope thats not too harsh. It’s just that too model a human well, you really need to spend months modelling, with pro-lighting and materials, before it starts looking good.

But on the skill: It’s pretty good, and probably better than I could do. But please focus on the lighting and the colours. At the moment all the colours clash and it looks off. With a bit of tuning it could look pretty nice.
Hope this helps. :wink:

i personally see it as the time that went into the modelling and artwork. yes i would see that because thats the way i am and i know how hard it is to get an idea from your head to the computer. i think the “grafitti” on the walls could be done in a better font. now i may see it with detail and… but others at my school might not. it really doesnt strike me as being a wow ill vote for him poster but with a bit of work it could be.