Campaign to get me (and you) a free iPod

OK, so i know these are just basically pyramid schemes that you get sucked into, and you pay a couple bucks for an offer and may never get enough referalls to get a free nano. But, these things are LEGIT, as has been shown on such reputable shows as MSNBC and CNN.

So this is what i ask of you, click on this link link removed and complete an offer so that you can get me an ipod. I know this is selfish, but i would really like one and quite frankly im cheap. If you do this, i will be forever in your debt, and i will make it up to you in some way, shape or form.

Plus, by doing this you can also get a free ipod of your own, and ill be sure to help you out when you’re looking for referals.

PLEASE. This is 100% legit, ill swear my life to that, and i would love to get a free ipod. If you want evidence that its legit, ill help you out and look some up on the CNN website.

Har har.

You fool.

“Let’s pay a hobo to buy some beer for us!!1eleven!!1 It’s 100% legit, I swear my life to that. I’m sure that hobo won’t run off with the money or the beer!!!1twentyfive!!11”

I heard in some gaming magizine that you can get a free XBOX/PS2?GameCube if you do a bunch of stuff. But you had to do it in a day or else you paid a whole bunch of money. And then you had to wait several months (like 4 or 5, maby 6).

Your EVIL!!! just kidding

Pyramid schemes are Bad and Wrong.

Links removed and thread locked.

Just because you see it on TV, doesn’t mean it’s legit. Even if it is, it’s not worth giving away your personal info, since you’re likely to never see that iPod anyway.

There’s lots of good reasons why no other forums on the planet allow this.