CamPal – Rig:TurntableCamera v1.0

This .blend contains a Group called ‘TurntableCamera’.
It also presents an optimised interface for low-res monitors, and
a workflow for beginners to animation.


  • ‘Rig:TurntableCam’ object for Rotating the camera around the subject, and
    performing dolly movements with Scale and Grab.
  • ‘Flash Lamp’ mounted on the rig for consistent lighting in turntable animations.
  • ‘Control:Tracker’ for following moving subjects or panning.

How To;

  • see it in action. Open the .blend and press play!

  • integrate it into your default scene.

  • Create a new file in Blender.

  • [optional] Delete the default camera and lamp

  • Append the TurntableCamera group.

  • [optional] If you like the rig, you can Save User Settings,
    and the rig will appear in every new *.blend!

  • follow the animation workflow. Press [ctrl] + [left] or [right] to switch between Screen Layouts for each step in the process.

Happy Blending! . . .”



CamPal.blend (434 KB)