Campanillas de Invierno

Hi all, a while ago I saw a picture of some flowers which did not know the name until today, I liked and wanted to recreate a Blender like the photo …
had put them like princesses name, but belong to the family of snowdrops
Software Blender 2.7 (Render cycles) and some tinkering with Gimp

the other images are a sign of progress



It looks really nice I like the ground and stuff alot but only 2 things,

  1. The plane on which you have the grass and flowers looks a bit to separated from the HDR.

  2. The flowers look good and dandy, but looking at some photos of them they have little green spots at the end, and your material seems a little off.

Other then those little things I like it.

thank you very much :yes:

The main problem of this scene in my opinion, is that you abused of the depth of field, so almost all the image is blurry, so is hard to do a good review of your work.

Dr.caballo has a point. I thought it was just an over-scale version of the image, making it all distorted.

Also i dont like the shader on any green grass/plant. Everything looks plastic with probably no translusence at all.

here a new render.

and here is the original image


Glad, in Guantanamo not only prison, but also you making great stuff.

thank you very much, I still need to learn more about Blender