Camparatively slow rendering.

So I’ve been feeling like my render times are slow for a while now. I put it down to me starting to use cycles and doign more complex scenes.

I’m on a Nvidia GTX 1060 3GB.

I just saw this thread so I decided to download and try it. The 1060 is several times faster than the 750Ti so I should be rendering the same scene several times faster. It takes 3:10. I rendered it exactly as downloaded. Just hit render after opening.

Anyone got any ideas whats up here.

Rendered in 25 seconds on my GTX 1070…
What tile size do you use? I have “Auto Tile Size” enabled and it chose 240 x 240 pixels as tile size for this scene.

Hi. In that thread there are two different scenes. Are you sure you are using “reception-not-grainy.blend” scene?

According to the size of tiles in that scene and because what he said, “Dito” is using blender from master (from buildbot, nightly builds). Also I suppose he can be using GPU + CPU feature (maybe he forgot to disable CPU in that test).
So if you are using official Blender 2.79, you configure tile size (Render Tab > Performance) with X=480, Y=270 (as an example) in “reception-not-grainy.blend” scene.
With 480x270 I get 59 seconds with my GTX 960 (official 2.79)

I don’t have auto tile size enabled. Yes I’m definately using the same blend file. Maybe he changed something after rendering and didn’t realise, or forgot to rerun. I just tried it using YAFU’s tile size and it took 35 seconds. Which is about what I’d expect going from 960 to 1060.

It just threw me that Dito only took 45 seconds on a 750TI. Oh well not to worry. I was just hoping somehting was screwed and i could take a big chunk out of my render time if I fixed it.

You do not worry, Dito clarified that he was using CPU+GPU in blender from master.

Thanks YAFU, I jus tlooked at your back and forth with him. Now tha tis a feature I’m looking forward to.

Hi bigmonmulgrew,

I rendered the scene again only with the GPU.

1 Minute 3 Seconds.
Tile-Size: 256x256
Build from 02.02.2018 Hash: 37beac8 vc14

With Build from today it is 22 Seconds slower.

That’s still pretty impressive. Your rendering in a third my time on a much less powerful card. I’m gonna have to try the build your on. Either something is up with my setup or that build has some serious performance improvements

But you got “35 seconds” with Blender 2.79, right?
GTX 750 “Ti” model is just a bit slower than GTX 960, so 35 seconds with GTX 1060 seems right to me.

Ok I had been up all night working when I wrote that. It’s not a third of the time.

He’s still faster though with a card that’s half as powerful.

I’m not sure if it’s me that I’m not understanding.
You get 35 seconds with GTX 1060 in official Blender 2.79 using the correct configuration of tile sizes. “Dito” gets 1 Minute 3 Seconds on GTX 750 Ti.

Anyway if you really want to check GTX 1060 render times, you for example do the following benchmark with official Blender 2.79:

And then you compare your render time by seeing the results in this image (you need to be logged in):

Damn I gotta stop burning the candle at both ends. I read his 22 seconds slower as it taking 22 seconds.