Campus plan

I’m working on an isometric plan for our university campus (my only somewhat useful work in blender so far). It’s intended to be realistic only as much as needed to «find that three-floor rose building» of «that barrack in the garden» i. e. not realistic at all.
For now only very basic work on materials is done and no textures are applied at all:

Looks great! I’m interested in how you did the grass, water, trees, etc. I’m working on a similar town project and I really like how you’ve done the textures for the flora.

Thanks! Trees were simply made with “sapling tree” script ( and then used for particles for generators; grass is hair particle system and water is simply a glossy material of bluish color. Very generic stuff.

really cute render, keep it up!

wow… how long did it take you to put that together? That’s nice work…

I like the simplistic isometric look you have right now. If I were you, I wouldn’t worry too much about applying photo-real textures. I like the way the materials look.

Thanks everybody!

Saltycowdawg, four to five working days of net time, but i started to think on it about two weeks ago. It’s my first experience in modelling something more complex than sheets of paper or boxes, so it took longer than it could, though. Every building is in its separate file and is made using modifiers (array, mirror and boolean mostly) extensively, so it’s not as complex as it might seem.

yos233, and I’m not going to make it any photorealistic, but windows now are just holes now and greenhouse (that white thing in the center of the garden) doesn’t look like greenhouse yet, for example. But I’m not sure how to handle it and would be thankful for any suggestions.

While previous snapshot is being printed in some kind of leaflet (current needs aren’t waiting), i keep working on this project. For now all materials are gathered in a separate file and are made a bit more complex than before, glasses are added to window holes and greenhouse thing is made a bit transparent with some plants inside. I also added more detail to some buildings.

While work on overall campus view is a little bit stalled (I hope one day we’ll launch qaudcopter with camera to take shoots of all the roofs, as one of my comrades have suggested, but now i’m only adding some minor details),

i started to model a long hallway in that long red building in front (oh, yes, all these silly academic rankings, which place our university somewhere in fourth hundred, doesn’t take our 277 meters corridor into account, by which we are definitely in world’s top ten among universities).
For at its full length it’s impossible to see anything, here’s a version, subdivided into six rows:

Statues in niches are actually quick and poor low-poly models:

I’v tried to use 123D Catch, but it failed to separate statues from the walls, so I could only use the result for reference (or is it the way 123DC is used?).
And yes one can actually get lost in a straight hallway.