CamStudio/Camtasia = Jitterry output

I’ve encountered a strange issue when doing a screen recording, which I first thought was related to CamStudio, but was also present (more or less) when I used Camtasia. What happens is that the output video becomes either full of strange artifacts, acts jittery (jumps back and forth a number of frames) or both. I’ve tried different codecs (CamStudio’s and Camtasia’s native ones, Microsoft AVI, to name a few) but they either give similar results or don’t work at all. I’m assuming it’s codec related, but what exactly am I doing wrong here?

These are my specs:

Windows 7 64-bit
AMD Phenom II X4 955 3.40 GHz
Corsair 16GB RAM

The software I’ve tried are:

CamStudio 2.0
CamStudio 2.6
Camtasia 7

I’d appreciate any help I can get. :slight_smile:

“Microsoft AVI” it’s not a codec, it’s a container for media, AVI is like MP4 or MKV, they are all containers and they are not codecs.

Probably you have a chipset and a memory controller that is not tuned for high performance or you have bad drivers installed, also Windows does not offer a really good memory management system and good drivers.

Ok, nevermind. It seems that Adobe Premiere is the culprit here. For some reason it can’t handle the video properly. When played through VLC or Blender’s VSE it works flawlessly.

Thanks for the clarification, blé. But again, it’s strange that Premiere can’t handle the videos. Nevertheless, I can now finish what I’ve started using VSE. :slight_smile:

try to switch from an “uncompressed” recording to “encoding on the fly” back and for. for the clarification