CamStudio help

I’m trying to screen-record myself using blender and I tried all codecs that came with CamStudio, namely:

  • Microsoft Video 1
  • Intel IYUV codec
  • Cinepak Codec by Radius

i get terrible frame rate (1/sec or something) even when i set the “Playback Rate” in the options to 30 or more. And the color range is very low, there is lots of banding. I installed QuickTime professional but CamStudio didn’t pick up the codec.
Any ideas how to get it working or other ways to get a very good quality recording from this program?

I have been using Camstudio to do my video and so far it is working. Maybe your codecs is not installed properly? Have you tried to reinstall everything?

you know, blender can do a screencast, alt-F3, i believe, at 8 fps, which is good for timelapses and such.

i don’t know anything about camstudio, though.