Camtasia Studio (screen video caption software) for free!!! (Expired now, it seems.)

Not open source, and I think its for a limited time, but right now, you can get the whole version of Camtasia Studio for free!

Click here for details.

I already got it, and it isn’t a scam!

Just thought this would be a great thing for people making Blender tutorials.

I have just downloaded it…Not a scam!

You can also upgrade to version 5 for £88/$149

Great stuff!

I already told you it wasn’t a scam. I downloaded it myself and made SURE it worked before posting it here!

I found out about this offer on, from a guy who made tutorials for Cinema 4D about how to make a Dalek in 3D. He used this, and informed us there about it. I thought it would be great for people making Blender tutorials to have, so I brought the information here.

Hey there,

I just thought 2 people posting that it was a genuine offer would be better than just your fine self…no offence intended :wink:

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I did this yesterday. there was a thread on cgtalk about it.

Beh… not for Vista… Anyway i was going to get up to get my credit card to buy Fraps just when i saw this thread lol… But thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Why are you using Vista? Vista should only be installed on Shredders.

I got it too, and I’ll third the motion that it isn’t a scam. :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

i used camtasia before, but i think i like camstudiobetter and it’s open source. its drag on my pc is a bit lower compared to camtasia (on my pc, that is). might wanna compare them, and i’d love to hear more pros and cons.

Well, you can compare them yourself while the offer lasts.

28MB (camtasia) installer takes too long to download here…:o Camstudio is only 1.3MB, by the way.

I tried out a lot of these programs, the only one that actually performed, i.e. didn’t lag, (both the computer and the capture frame rate) and didn’t capture the colours wrong (blue screen saver turning purple) was hyper cam. +Xdiv video format, best quality and lowest size i could get :slight_smile:

I did a 45 min head tut using it last night. really easy to use and great options when compressing and such.

they also have SnagIt! for free if you want, the link is here

Cool, both programs are useful, SnagIt is a favorite. It replaces windows ‘printscreen’ flawlessly.

tried camtasia studio, and it’s good! comes with somewhat a sequencer for both video and audio tracks, so editing will not be much of a problem…it has built-in transitions, and the screen capture works better on mine now.
Camstudio doesn’t come with an editor, unsynchronized audio and video needs to be corrected in other programs (i use virtual dub,for that purpose).

…unsynchronized audio and video needs to be corrected in other programs (i use virtual dub,for that purpose

Yeah, I ran into the CamStudio audio synchronization problem as well. The problem I had is that the synchronization is worse when your frame rate changes during the recording (which happens to me all the time when recording Blender).

Apparently, the way you fix it is by enabling “Use MCI Recording” in the audio options. That should fix it. I haven’t tried it myself because Camtasia works better for recording.

wait , not for vista? wtf the year isnt 2002 or watever year xp came out, please people, update ur friggin programs

just tried it, works fine on vista

thanks for the tip metsys! didn’t know that… :smiley: