Can 1 shape key be appled to 2 or more meshes?

My head, eye, and eyelids are all separate objects paranted to an aramture. I would like to make some shape keys for facial expressions. Is there a way to have 1 shape key inked to my head, eye, and eyelid?

If not, is there a way to apply a deformation lattice to just part of a mesh?

My goal is to be able to make some extream cartoonish expressions (big eyes for surprise etc.). The lattice would work, but I find that it affects the whole mesh of the body of my character and not just the eyes. The result is that my armature doesn’t work properly.

Thanks for the help.

Sincerely, xn

And I ken spel.

Shape keys are independent to the object they belong to.

Lattices can be made to only affect parts of a mesh (at least in the upcoming version of blender). I can’t remember whether this is the case for 2.42(a)


The lattice effect can be assigned to a vertex group in 2.42a by creating a vertex group on the mesh and entering its name in the VGroup field on the lattice modifier.

Please can you clear the issue in a simple way. Suppose I have 2 mesh.
For Example I got 2 Spheres, One is Sp1 and 2nd is Sp2. I create some shape keys for for Sp1. Example 1. Basic, 2. CenterBvld, 3. SideBvld.

Now Howto use these shape Keys for Sp2 ?

If you want two spheres with an identical set of shape keys, you can get this by making one sphere, making the shape keys, and then duplicating it with shift-D. You can of course then delete or add shape keys to one or the other meshes.

Otherwise, I don’t know of any way to copy shape keys from one mesh to another mesh.

My problem is that suppose I made one char say CHAR1 and created about 10 shape keys.
Now Duplicated ChAR1 and CHAR2
I created 2 more shapes on CHAR1. Now I want the New 2 Shapes should be on CHAR2 but I dont want to duplicate CHAR1 to CHAR2 because lot of other work has been done on CHAR2.