Can a background image be animated??

Camera is on a path, simply zooming straight in. As seen below, it zooms in on the 3D object (text), but the background image remains static in the scene. Can you make a background image zoom in at the same time? I thought simply animating the camera toward the image would do it, but apparently not??

Using 2.71 in cycles, and relatively new at this…thanks!

Perhaps I should restate the question. Can you animate a zoom on a background picture that has been inserted using nodes/cycles?

The answer is yes, you can zoom the background image. Which way depends on how you are "Assembly"ing your scene. Is the background image just an image file in the Video Sequence Editor? If so, then while in the editor, click on the image strip and press the N key. In the properties panel that opens, look for the Image Offset and Image Crop check boxes and enable them. Animate those values with the I key and the timeline.

If you are doing the background a different way, we can consider something different.

For example if your background image is from the Node Editor, then after the Image Node, place a Scale Node (Add->Distort->Scale) and animate it. The Transform node in the same menu has a few different options that might help with image resolution issues.

You could use the images as planes addon. Add the image to your scene on a plane and position it behind your text at the proper distance. then as the camera moves closer to the text it will also move closer to the image as well.

You may have to play with the relative distances between the camera, text and image to get it to look right but once you have established the proper position it should work correctly.

Also … I kinda like the way that the text approaches the camera while the church remains the same. Since the church is the subject of the piece and the viewer’s eye is going to look at it … taking-in quite a bit of visual detail … it might look best not being played-with.

Thanks for all the input, including not doing anything at all…certainly worth considering. see360 (lol)…it’s "assembly"ed in the node editor, so I appreciate you putting me on the right trail. I’ll work on my learning curve and tackle the Scale Node - then see if I like the background moving or not.

Thanks to all, again!