Can a bone follow a path?

Part of my animation has the character bringing its hands together in front of its torso. Is it possible for a single bone to follow a path?

I’ve drawn a curve path in front of the body and parented the bone in question to the curve. The selection (the IK_hand.R bone, Ref. “Rigging a Hand and Foot”) should follow the path, bringing the hand in front of the body. When I sample the animation (alt+A), the entire skeleton moves along the curve.

Why does the entire skeleton move and not the single arm IK chain, of which IK_hand.R is part? The only moving object should be the right arm IK chain as the hand follows the curve, stretching the arm as it moves in front of the body.

Evidently clueless,

P.S. I’m at work and cannot upload the faulty .blend file for access until this afternoon. :frowning:

Any bone will follow a path but will disconnect/break parent to other bones connected.

Make sure you are using Constraints.

The example is very helpful.