Can a boolean intersect imprint it's material on the host object?

Hi there!

Let’s say you have a cube made from a red material.

You have a sphere with a green material.

You want to use the sphere as a boolean object to cut a spherical piece away from the cube, but the cube is red even inside the spherical cutaway area. Is there a way for the cutaway area to inherit the green from the sphere that is creating the cutaway?


The boolean modifier will do this as long as the object with the boolean modifier already has those materials in a material slot
See attached example


boolean.blend (95.5 KB)

Why not first try it yourself and see.

Give the cube a boolean difference modifier and use the outliner to disable visibility for the sphere (making sure that both have different materials).

EDIT; just barely beaten by Richard Marklew here, so the final answer is yes.

Aha! When I did it, the object with the Boolean modifier only had the 1 material, that’s why I didn’t see the result I wanted.

Many thanks.