Can a curve automatically follow the form of an object?

Is there an automatic way to ‘glue’ a curve to an object?

E.g. can you make a curve ‘magnetic’ so it follows an object’s form?

I think it’s possible to do it, or something like it, in Zbrush, but I haven’t used that programme in ages, so it’d be nice if it could be done in Blender.

There is the shrink wrap modifier that you can apply to objects and curves but it will fit the surface of the target object there by flattening the first object. To preserve the geometry of the curve perhaps you could create hooks at each vertex then apply the shrink wrap constraint to each hook so that they track the surface?

One can adjust parameters on Shrinkwrap mod: Keep Above Surface checkbox and Offset slider can make curve to be not flattened (if Curve, Bevel Depth is used, at least).

Whoah, thank you, 3pointEdit! :slight_smile: I’ve never used that modifier, but it looks absolutely terrific!

I also don’t know what a hook is, but I’ll look into it now. I’m afraid there’ll be quite a lot of vertices though, so I don’t know if it will be possible to create enough of them.

But it must be possible to use that modifier one way or another for this purpose, so thank you very much again!

Hey, thank you very much, eppo! Awesome!

I usually select some edges of the object, duplicate them, put them in a new object and transform it to curve.

Thank you Spokesh, that could definitely be a solution too.

another option is to use grease pencil to draw the shape you want on the object (remember to select “stroke placement: surface”), and then convert to curve.

if the curve is to dense (it usually is), there are several ways to simplify it.

All suggestions are correct. Here’s some more.
Enabling, entering snap to faces/retopology mode.
Sketch your vertices based line, convert it to curve after.
Or, just select an existing loop on your model, shift+D (duplicate), P to separate. Convert it to curve.
Many ways to skin a cat.
Some more help from “LoopTools” addon. After having the vertices line, use “space” to have an evenly subd line. It helps a lot when converted to curve.