Can a dedicated person learn blender in a month for free lance work?

I am in need of a deceantly quick new revenue source. I am not new to blender, but I’m not that good :frowning: I wonder can I learn blender in about a month to the level recuired to take up cgtrader free lance projects. Altough I am mainly doeing this for money blender is my passion, so I am able to put in around a hour or two a day. Here are some examples of what jobs I would like to take up, to make it more precise :wink: :


A serious job is about eight or so hours a day, you know…

As somebody who has used blender time to time, and never for earning anything, I would suggest it would be some months before being quite successful, so long as anybody is dedicated and enjoys very much, I think they can make some loose change in the early months or a year down the road.

Hi, i would say a month is not enough, each section of blender requires at least three month of all your spare time. you could start with learning texturing , materials and uv mapping then modelling and so on. It all depends on what exactly you want to do. in the examples You show there are multiple skills from shaders to character modelling ,and rigging for posing. Good luck

Look into daytrading, becoming a realtor, I also hear that electricians and plumbers fetch pretty good wages. If everything else fails, I’m sure Starbucks will need new baristas as soon as the pandemic is over.

It all depends on the type of project and not exactly if you are good.

Such as for example you can follow the jello-sugar tutorial of BlenderGuru on youtube and get a really good and impressive result. It can be easily considered pro-level since the entire result is convincing.

Another idea is that you can create really basic models, such as kitchen appliances or other household models, and they will always look great, if they are provided with proper materials and textures. No artistic skill needed for about 90% of the cases to get satisfying results.

However if you switch focus on content that has excessive or niche design principles (characters, cars, vehicles). These are considered the most “difficult” models to make because you need extra artistic skills in parallel with the technical know-how of using Blender.

You can learn to use Blender in a day, and if you get the right jobs, that is enough to get started. I started out doing presentation animations for insecticides a decade and a half ago, you could learn how to do that in a few hours, if you’re focused enough. Heck, some Fiverr jobs are just to make a spinning logo, you can sit down and do that the first time you open Blender, if you’re a good learner.

That last one, “If you are a good learner”, is the one I believe is the most important part.
For that month, for example, take one project from CGTrader and do it for your own gratification. If you can do a project, from scratch, then the road to yes on this question is shortened.
If you can do it in a week, with sugar and extra toppings in the second week then I would say no worries.

But you would have to be something of an idiot savant/highly functional autistic individual to be to be HIGHLY effective in such a short time.

Well, it’s not unheard of and you’ve also previous DCC exposure so my 2¢ opinion is a yes.

Just grab a few pre-made CC BY licensed content in order too sharpen up your skill set, then should be good to go.