Can a different texture be placed on each side of a Plane primitive?

I’m building some models of flowers and I started using a Plane primitive. The petals of a flower typically appear differently between the top-side and the bottom-side of the petal. This leads me to ask if I can apply a different texture to each side of a Plane primitive? Are there any tutorials on this specific topic?

best way would be to apply a UV map to your petal

or may be try with a ramp node but might not work very well !


For blender internal renderer materials. You can use the material nodes to mix two different materials with the factor set to the Front/Back option of a geometry node. This will give one side of a plane one material and the other side a different material


can do same in cycles (front/back becomes backfacing) :wink:

Richard… thanks for the guidance. i’m using the Blender Internal renderer so I’ll experiment with the Material Node settings as you’ve described. Appreciate your response.