Can a Gradient texture NOT be continuous across Array and Mirror Modifiers?

Hi there,

If you were to add an Array modifier to a cube with a (let’s say) ‘Spherical’ gradient texture centered to the cube ('Texture Coord set to ‘Generated’ or ‘Object’), each new cube that appears along the Array WILL NOT have it’s own spherical gradient in it, because the whole array is being treated as one mesh.

Is there a way to override this, to make it so each Arrayed cube will appear with it’s own gradient texture sphere… an identical duplicate of the base cube?


I am not familiar with this problem, so maybe not the best answer, but you could fix it by UV unwrapping it, and baking the texture onto an image file.

It works if you use UV coordinates, since those are duplicated by mirror/array. I don’t think any other coordinate setup would be, since mirror/array geometry is considered to still be part of the same object. You could also apply to modifier and reset the pivot point to geometry on each piece, since that would make object coordinates do what you want.