Can a Mirrored Model's Center Line Be Straightened?

I tried to mirror model a head today and I accidently moved a vert on the center line on the X axis. I know in Max you can recover from this by picking a view and clicking VAlign. Is there a way to recover in Blender or do I have to trash the model and start over?

On the mirror modifier panel there is a button labled “do clipping.” Press that button and it will stop any vertex at the center line. If you’ve got a vertex currently on the “wrong” side, bring it back to the right side first, press do clipping, then move the vertex back to the middle.

Now, if you’ve got a whole bunch of vertices out of alignment, you can straighten them all out by selecting them, then scaling to zero along the mirror axis. Keypress s, x, zero will line all the selected vertices up along the x axis without affecting their y or z locations. Then make sure they are on the ‘right’ side of the mirror axis (g, x, move them there if need be) and then turn on do clipping.

also if you press ‘N’ to open the transform properties, you can easily put the vertices exactly where you want them.

I figured out that I could use loop select to help align all those verts at once. Tweaking the merge limit on the mirror modifier helped get the halves back together smoothly. Though I wouldn’t have got that far without your help.

Thank you both.