Can a particle be/consits of another particle system?


I want to animate bullets (particle system one) with a smoke tail going behind each of the bullet (particle system two). Is that possible?

I created two emitters for bullets and smoke, made bullets the parent to smoke and set DupliVerts in bullet but it does not work.
No smoke, no bullets visible (except the child smoke object out of the camera view).

What interesting when I set smoke particle system to static it partialy works - that is there is smoke going after bullets but it is static of course.

Could you help me to have both particles dynamic or just state that’s not possible with Blender?


I haven’t had luck with objects created by particle emitters having their own particle emitters

I don’t know if or how the next version will change in this respect

that would be serious.

I believe that it wolud be powerfull feature allowing easly creating complex effects - flying and smoking debris, etc.
And this wolud be very intuitive in use.

I don’t know Bleneder community -do you know how to submit such a request to next version?

Not sure exactly how to acomplish this task in blender, but here is how it can be done in a compositing program. The method should be viable in blender if it is able to use null objects. Otherwise, create an object and scale to a size that can’t be seen onscreen (if nothing happens at a value of 0% try a value slightly higher, ie 0.01% or 0.1%, as many programs can’t follow what they cant see.) This will serve as your null object.

First, animate the bullets. Next, create a null and copy and paste the keyframe data from the bullets into the null (since you can’t seem to parent the second particle system to the first.) Finally, parrent the smoke to the null.

Also you can find an excellent compositing freeware program called “Wax” here:

BTW, particle systems of all flavors can drive you mad!

How do you copy the keyframe datas from the particles system in Blender ? :o

I mean, he’s using a particles emiter to create the bullets, how do you get the keyframe for each bullet generated by the particle emiter ?

That would be very useful to me :wink:

That’s right, RamboBaybe assumes that bullets are objects not particles.
In this case this is the same what parenting particle sysytem to animated object. I did it in the beginning but after that I faced very time consuming bullets animation - especially when the gun is animated too.

Thanks for link to Wax, great tool.

Will an ‘Empty’ qualify as a “null object?”


But in Blender you can make the smoke the ‘Child’ of the bullet, no need to use an empty and copy/paste the keyframe datas from the bullet.