can a particle system spawn from a series of objects ?

Is there a way of having a particle system not spawning a single object but random choosen from a collection of objects?

i think i’ve seen it on youtube somewhere, but … cant remember how it was done.

And also… could we set something so those objects stay Z axis orientated ?

I’m creating something with music notes, and when finished like to share it, as i am doing regular music videos, i sometimes need small intermezzos, thats where i would like to spawn some of the notes using such a particle system, with some boid effects.

Pick randomly from a group of objects

ok thats part of it, How do i define my group for this ?
So far i only have the objects (music notes) i want to be spawn

Select all your notes and press CTRL-G (adds them to a group named “Group” that will show in the dupligroup list for the particle system)

Thanks, i’m now rendering a small movie clip, ill post it when ready.