Can A Path Be Temporary?

A milestone has been reached in the animation of my model by using paths in lieu of keyframing. Animation by paths is natural and intuitive and remind this user of programming an algorithm for object movement whereas keyframing (and the alteration of the resultant IPO curves) is remiscent of simple stop-motion photography.

During the first phase of movement, the arms should be governed by the wrist IKs and one set of paths. While during the second phase, the arms should be controlled by the elbow IKs and a completely different set of paths.

Is this possible? I don’t know how to create Follow Path constraints that activate or deactivate depending the current position in the animation.

Insanely curious and always thankful, Bob

You can animate the ‘influence’ of a constraint. If you open up a window, you can edit and ipo controlling the constraint’s influence. Press the ‘edit’ button in the mini-panel for your constraint to open up the influence Ipo in a currently open Ipo editor window.