Can a vertex on a deformed object be "followed, tracked or parented"?

I am deforming a mesh with bendy bones, and I want to tie something to a point(vertex) on my object, but I don’t want it to stretch or deform, just follow. (I am making a string of lights, I want the wire to deform, but the lights I want to just follow, (which can be attached to an empty) but i need that empty to “track” a vertex on my mesh without the rest of the deforming taking place. If you have a solution, it should work while being deformed by a lattice in theory also)

Thank you

You can parent stuff to vertices. If you select the object you wish to be the child and then the one that will have the parent vertex, enter edit mode, select the vertex you wish to use and press ctrl+p that will do what you need.

Yes! Your parenting to vertex method Worked!! thank you!