Can an object be material-free?

I’m wondering if there is any way for an object such as a cube to have no material, such that it does not appear to have a material in solid mode in the viewport. I can simulate this by using wireframe mode, I know, but am wondering if it’s possible to do it without simulation.

in object settings, available in properties window (yellow cube icon) you can change the appearance of object to wire. this way you will see a cube with edges highlighted. In Render, it will show the material.

Unfortunately it does show a material even when the object doesn’t have one.

Please show exactly what you mean by no material ?. If you want something to be a wireframe just set the object display type as a wireframe. What do you mean by simulation ?

Give it a transparent material, 100% transparent, invisible to raytracing, and doesn’t cast buffer shadows, in the object menu, turn on ‘transparent’

No. all objects must have a material; if you dont add one blender will add it for you. however, one or more of the workarounds posted above should do what it sounds like you want.

I thought this was the case but thanks for confirming it for me. My question is pedagogical, in that I’m considering how to explain certain things to beginners. I had a lot of problems at the outset with materials until I realized that it’s actually material indices that you need for multiple materials on an object. Defaults (such as Blender giving an object a material even if it has no material index or material set in the materials panel) make learning difficult. Anyway, Blender has no way of displaying an object without a material without using a workaround (which defeats the purpose) - pity.