Can any help with DNA?

Can someone make a tutorial on how to make DNA? Modeling it and texturing it?

Here’s a good tutorial on modeling a double helix using dupliframes. link

Thanks for your speedy reply! That link is really helpful and I’ll definitley start with making DNA from that before I work on the ball and stick model.

Use an array modifier to create and twist your pairs, then use a curve modifier to shape the strand :smiley:

yeah, there’s a video describing something similar to the technique kitsu mentioned in the new feature videos on

Just to be pendantic, the DNA in the tutorial is close, but not quite correct.
DNA is in a “double helix” and looks like this:
If you look closely, you’ll see how the two spirals are sort of offset from each other.

Those are called the major (large space) and minor (small space) grooves. This is a phenomenon seen in all mamallian DNA. It is a repeating pattern and should be modelled accordingly.

Another property to keep in mind is that there are 10 sets of base pairs per 360 degree rotation and therefore each set of base pairs rotates by 36 degrees. If you want to get crazy with the details you can check out

hi, tried tutorial posted by LotR Junkie, it’s nice,
but I’d like continuous bands on the sides. something more like this:

a result that isn’t achievable using dupliframes, I think…

a result that isn’t achievable using dupliframes, I think…

  • Model a single pair.
  • Add an array modifier it. This will be used to create wanted amount of pairs. Tweak accordingly.
  • Create a path. This will be used to tilt the DNA.
  • Add curve modifier to DNA object and set this path to it. Remember to adjust location of path to fit the DNA object.
  • Tilt (t key) the control points of path to add wanted shape to DNA.You could model single DNA entity by using this method and then again use array and curve modifiers to modify this larger entity. There are plenty of possibilities with modifiers.

thanks for reply.
I’ll try your way, many thanks.

there is also a script that allows you to import pdb files into blender.
well worth looking at if your into dna.