can any one help me?

i need this model to be rig ,but I’m having a bad time doing so,can any one help?you can modify if you have to.i will appreciate the help.:spin: here is the house.


Model looks good RNS, help is what the community is for. Can you be more specific as to what you want? Here is a rigging tut I made for SWOOSH.

Do you want someone to rig it for you or do you want to learn?

@Noobie - thanks for your link. I am also a fan of basic rigging, and any information on this is appreciated. Sorry I can’t help the blenderhead with the question!

I will appreciate if some one will rigged for me and later learn set by set. the link is blank.

Link is not blank, but it requires flash player, and a high speed connection.

Rigging is a very complicated process, and a completed rig like Mancandy’s can take a week, a month, or if you want perfection it could be an on going evolutionary process of improvements that will never see an end. I would be happy to rig it up in a simple way to get you started. It would help if you posted the blend.

Ok how will I send the file?

try if yo can and let me what i did wrong.:rolleyes: update I weight paint fred perhaps you can critic my work.:yes:


fred9.blend (633 KB)

You forgot to add an armature modifier to the mesh, because your rig is called “Armature” type armature in the Ob(object) section.

Remember, modifiers are found in the same bar that you use to add Subsurf/mirrors.

Good luck,

RNS you have done a great job! You are doing everything right, only crit I have is you need to name your bones better and name your meshes so you can find them in the outliner easier. Select the mesh that is called Cube (Fred’s Mesh) then hold shift and select the armature. Then press CTRL+P and select make parent to armature then create from bone heat. We can get into weight painting later. Make those clothes cloth and set fred’s body as a collision object. Good Job on the mesh, and keep Blending! (Rigged Fred is attached to this post) I can point you toward some great tuts on rigging later, I’m on a friend’s pc at the moment.


fred8rigged.blend (632 KB)

thank for your kind work and help i be here.

:no:you see that some thing wrong happen with heat armature system was recode from the last few release.


Aah, Weight Painting Time! Put the armature in Pose Mode. Then select Fred’s mesh and go into weight paint mode. (I would hide the clothes on another layer for now) then while in paint mode right click on the bone that should be deforming those vertices, make sure you are painting with a weight of 1 for now (CTRL-N to bring up panel) then with the correct bone selected paint on the vertices until they all snap back to where they should be.