Can anybody help me with Modeling

Can anybody help teach me how to 3d model cause starting to lose my mine here i have tried to model a Lightsaber and a Starship from star trek they didn’t turn out that well i don’t understand topology or poles and I don’t know subdivision that well
this is all i got done cause I’m going crazy here plz help anybody.

Be patient. It takes time and practice to go from 0 to modeler.
If it was simple, someone would’ve told you what to do already but unfortunately it’s a wide topic and how to do things depends on many variables. To be able to plan ahead you have to have quite a lot of knowledge about polygon modeling, tools you have in your disposal, what you’re making, how the end result is used and how it’s going to be presented. Even then you might find yourself stuck or doing things the hard way because you didn’t take some important aspect into account.

No one will be able to teach you everything it takes to model anything in a thread. You have to narrow it down to individual problems when you get stuck, present that particular problem and preferably give the .blend file for others to check it and communicate their findings and suggestions back to you.

Ok, JA12 here are the blender files of the models man I tryed my best to make them as good as possible.

lightsaber 2.blend (814 KB)
star trek enterprise ship .blend (531 KB)

The models reference images that I got form the internet are right here.

I’m not sure why you want to make something so complex right from the start (okay the LightSaber isn’t exactly complex)

Usually when you try to model something big or complex your mind gets set on the idea that it’s this huge thing with difficult shapes that you will never be able to understand.

How about trying something simple like this lighter,it has enough grooves,holes and shapes to train you on getting the topology right and best of all is that it’s small and easy to figure.It’s also very common so it shouldn’t be too hard to get your hands on one should you like to use it as reference.

I’m not saying you have to model it but you will be making enough mistakes to learn from.

I have been using Blender for quit a while but i still watch tutorial if i want to model some thing just to see how other people’s workflow is. Here is tutorial made in blender but with 2.49 version if you can do what you have done so far you can follow this tutorial. Always remember your search engine is your best friend.