can anybody plz explain to me how sintel was rigged

1)Can anybody explain how sintel lite was rigged?
A video tutorial will be better/preferable
2) i downloaded this model i want to use sintel lite rig for it . how can i do it,explain me step by step if its possible,thank you very much.

To be honest, what you are asking is not an easy thing to explain, it would probably take a chapter or two of a book to explain. If I’m not mistaken, the Sintel lite rig should be the same rig as the one the rigify add-on generates. You might be able to find a video tutorial on that subject. Please note, do not follow the older blender cookie video on that subject, the information in that one is out-dated.


Sintel was rigged using the Rigify Blender add-on. David Ward’s Advanced Face Rig tutorials give you a good idea of how the face rig was done (also the Angela Guenette tutorials that came with the DVD):
David Ward tutorials - Creating an Advanced Face Rig – Part One
The Sintel files which came with the DVD are buggy though. Mostly the face controls don’t work.