Can anyone answer my question?

Hello guys, I have a question, can anyone tell me how to setup REALTIME SOFT BODY DESTRUCTION SYSTEM in UPBGE?
I want this system to bend the object when it creashes with anything, and I want it to be REAL-TIME, so please do not tell me anything which uses armature or animations, thanks

if your looking for cutting edge realtime tech, move along. the bge is not for you. to use bge, you must be willing to use any cheat or hack to achieve your result. same can be said for other engines, since doing it “right”, is far too performance costly to be acceptable.

things like physx has gotten us ever closer to good physics, but the bge simply isnt on that level.


But can you give me a CHEATING method to achieve this? Like soft body sim or anything else?

edit: Sorry I just noticed that you said not to use animations- but here is my cheating way of doing it with animations.

I would learn to use shape keys, you could have multiple parts of a car (for example) and each time they collide with something they get more distorted.

Edit: here is a quick .blend if you want to take a look (you would definitely have to tweak it, but this is how I would deal with collision)

ShapeKeyCollision.blend (496.2 KB)