Can anyone convert this highpoly model to lowpoly?

i found a lwo car model and i imported into blender and saved. I want to add this model to my game. Can anyone convert this to lowpoly?


unohazir.blend (915 KB)

Hey there guy,
i just had a quick look at your model and would like to offer you a quick way to reduce the polygon count.
In vertex select mode, do “alt + shift + RMB” to select edge loops and the delete them.
To delete edge loops, press the x key and from the popup menu select: “Edge Loop”

Also delete the left half of the car and mirror it to save you some work.

Have fun :slight_smile:

A faster way of doing this is to just remodel it from scratch using the original mesh as a rough guide.

Precisely. There’s no “good” way of converting high-poly to low-poly anyway, the only way is to do it yourself from scratch.

i found a website has lots of car models but i can not use them. All of models high poly.

If anyone good at modelling please make this car for me

No offense dude, but do your own work.

Asking everybody to do work that takes hours for you to make some beginner car game really is kinda rude.

You wouldn’t decide you want to design a car, and then walk into an engineering firm asking them to create all the doors for you “just cuz.” I know the internet makes it easy to be guiltless about asking for this, but seriously.

Or maybe you had no idea how time consuming it is to model. Understandable, now you do. Sorry for being harsh.

what website has the car models?

I’m really bad at modeling cars unless I have something to base my model off of

I looked at the model, and I was immediatly intimidated by the shear inefficiency of the car model. That’s the highest poly count I’ve seen for what it needs. I could tell why you would want someone else more experienced to do it. Take a box, extrude it, edit it, ect. until you have enough detail, and use the high poly model as a guide, almost a 3D blueprint. Maybe this is beyond your skill level. I hope I helped, even just a little.

look at the sketchup 3D warehouse i got a delorean for there :smiley:

There is a basic car model and physics tutorial .blend here:

car model:
finished .blend:

If you still want to use this model, use the “delete” edgeloop option. For a model such as this, it will quickly cut down on the verticie count, while allowing you to preserve the shape of the mesh.

It looks like this was originally modeled with a much lower poly count, but then the subsurf was applied (explaining why it has so many polys). Or whatever the equivalent in Iwo is.

Thank you eveyone. i modeled that but it is looking like cube but i will do my work.

im already using that tutorial. i have not got any problem at game, i just needed a model. But now i have.

Thank you i find good models but it is collada extension. When importing, it wants python install.

everything lwo extension

You are not being harsh at all. Most times beginning blender users ( And not computer literate people overall when talking to computer literate people) do not think of efforts on a computer as “work” because there is not very much physical action in the activity.

Please try to avoid making multiple posts in a row.

you could try retopo?

Endi did this to convert a high poly face to low-poly

he doesn’t say how he did it(I’m trying to figure it out myself right now) but do a little research