Can anyone explain how this was done?

I would like to try and figure out how to get a texture to control the emission of particles, like the way it is done here:

Is there a tutorial for this or something like it? I have tried google and searching this forum, and I cannot seem to find anything. Thx.

I’m not entirely sure, but I tried to duplicate it with some success. I think what it is, is a highly subdivided plane with a musgrave texture applied. In the particle settings, select “unborn” to have the particles present before they are emitted, then set TexEmit to some value (sorry I don’t have blender on this comp and I don’t remember now exactly). You can make the burning effect then by using material color IPOs to change the color from gray (or whatever color you want) to yellow --> red, etc. Also make sure that the halo size in the material settings is very small so it’s not so evident that it’s not really a mesh while the “paper” is still whole.